New Upgrades on the OMIRO Makeup Bag with LED Mirror

New Upgrades on the OMIRO Makeup Bag with LED Mirror

  • Removable Charging Cable: This new feature of our makeup bag allows you to save more space.
  • Large Viewing Area: The mirror surface has been increased by up to 6%, providing a comfortable reflection of your face.
  • Detachable Sponge Dividers: The compartments can be customized according to your needs.
  • Three Light Modes with Adjustable Brightness: The LED light has a color rendering index that simulates natural light.
  • Waterproof Exterior: The bag is made of quality material that protects your items inside.
  • Spacious Storage: The bag can accommodate not only your cosmetics but also your skincare products, making it perfect for travel.
  • Portable Brush Board: It has a convenient board for brushes or pencil liners.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we listen to our clients' feedback to improve our products. As we strive to serve you better, we're excited to announce that this second quarter of 2023, we will be releasing the newest version of our makeup bag with an LED mirror. It will be a must-have for anyone who wants to achieve flawless makeup application anytime, anywhere. Whether you are a professional makeup artist or a beginner, keep reading to find out what's new and improved about our makeup bag LED mirror.

Detachable Type-C Charging Cord

To enhance the overall aesthetic of the cosmetic case, we have removed the attached charging cable from the mirror. You can now store the cable in a small portion of the bag's storage area, preventing it from getting lost or tangled. Opening and closing the makeup bag is now easier and more convenient without the cable getting in the way. When the bag's battery gets low, all you have to do is reach for the cord and plug it in.

Larger Viewing Area

The new upgrade to the makeup bag with a larger attached mirror is a game-changer for beauty enthusiasts on the go. With this new feature, you can apply your makeup with more ease and precision, regardless of where you are. The larger mirror provides a more comprehensive view of your face, making it easier to apply makeup to your eyes, cheeks, and lips. The 6% increase in the mirror's surface ensures that your makeup looks flawless, allowing you to always look your best.

Keep an eye out for our newest makeup bag version when it becomes available on Amazon.

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