OMIRO LED Compact Mirror Review: Should You Have One?

OMIRO LED Compact Mirror Review: Should You Have One?

Pros  Cons
Lightweight Not rechargeable
Portable No auto shut off for the light
Batteries included

    Key Features:

    • Has LED lights
    • 1X and 10X magnification
    • 5” in diameter
    • Opens up to 180 degrees
    • Available in three (3) colors

    You may be carrying a mirror with you to retouch your makeup or fix your hair every now and then. Whatever your reasons are, there is one sure thing, we need mirrors. Mirrors are necessary to help us maintain a good look when the time calls for it. It would be good not to only just have a mirror but also the best one. Compact mirrors are most ideal when it comes to portable mirrors. They are most convenient to carry when going somewhere else.

    Before adding that compact mirror to your cart, make sure that you check the following:

    - Is it distortion-free?

    - Is it lightweight and portable enough to carry around anywhere you go?

    - Is it collapsible but freestanding at the same time?

    - Are there extra features such as LED lights, magnification, and more?

    For this article, we will be talking about a compact mirror that is almost too good to be true. This LED mirror may not be the cheapest. Still, it is relatively more affordable at $12.49 compared to other LED compact mirrors. The price is reasonable, taking into account its quality and its composition. Let's dive deeper into OMIRO's LED Lighted Compact Mirror, 3½" Mini 1X/10X Magnification Daylight Travel Makeup Mirror for Purses.

    The Packaging

    Some might not pay attention to such trivial and not-so-important product packaging. But for others, receiving a product with an excellent package is satisfying. It means that the seller considered everything and didn't only pay attention to the item. Omiro's LED Compact Mirror comes with a beautiful and cute square box. When you open it, you'll see the compact mirror cushioned by a hard foam to prevent it from any damage.

    The Body

    The compact mirror is encased in a hard plastic that gives the impression of sturdiness. It is strong and can withstand being juggled inside a purse or luggage. Its surface is smooth and sleek-looking. The bottom part consists of a panel that houses the two CR2032 batteries and the light switch.

    Inside the case are two glass mirrors. The upper part is the 10X magnification, while the lower part with the LED light is the regular mirror. The two mirrors are held by a stiff hinge that holds them steady at a 90-degree angle. Wait, there's more. You can also open the compact at 180-degree. The clasp is tight, and it doesn't allow the lid to open by itself.

    The Mirror and Magnification

    As mentioned above, there are two mirrors inside the compact: one regular and the other is a 10X magnification mirror. The mirrors are made of real and quality glass. The plain mirror shows a distortion- free reflection and displays a full, small view of your head depending on how far you hold the mirror. This mirror has the ring light.

    The magnified mirror provides a clear and enlarged image which is excellent when tweezing eyebrows, applying mascara or doing your other beauty routine. To ensure a very clear reflection, you must keep your eyes less than 5 inches away from the mirror's surface. The magnifying feature also prevents you from leaning over your bathroom or vanity mirror to see your face up close.

    The Lighting

    Omiro's lighted compact mirror consists of 12 built-in LED bulbs. These lightbulbs are safe for the eyes. You can use it even in a dimly lit room. It simulates natural sunlight and is powerful but not blinding to the eyes.

    You can simply switch the light on and off at the back. The compact mirror includes two CR2032 batteries when you purchase. The batteries last longer. It is a good thing that these batteries are used to the compact because they come cheap. You can buy them per pack on Amazon for as low as $0.5-$1.5/ count.

    The Variations

    Having options when planning for a present is helpful. Omiro’s LED Compact Mirror has three colors: Black, White, and Pink. If you want to go neutral, you can either go with black or white as your choice. However, you can opt for a chic pink color when giving that special someone or a friend a present. It is a perfect gift for any occasion, be it an anniversary, birthday, holidays, etc.

    The Other Features

    Omiro LED Compact Mirror is lightweight and very portable. It is only 3.04 ounces and has a diameter of 3.5-inch with a 0.7-inch thickness. Not bulky and not heavy, yet sturdy!

    The only drawback with this mirror is that it is not rechargeable. But there is a good thing out of that, mind you. You don't have to carry a charger. You need not worry about whether it is possible to charge the mirror at the place you're going to. Even if you go to a far-flung area or go camping for a few days, it is still possible to use the LED light as long as you have batteries.

    To sum it up, the OMIRO LED Compact Mirror is a bang for your buck. It is portable, lightweight, sturdy, and has long-lasting LED lightbulbs and two mirrors (one regular and the other with 10X magnification). It's just that it doesn't come with a rechargeable battery, but no worries since it comes with two CR2032 batteries that are relatively cheap yet last long. You can purchase them anytime on Amazon.

    Overall, the pros outweigh the cons. This is an affordable yet high-quality compact mirror. You can now add to your cart the OMIRO LED Lighted Compact Mirror, 3½" Mini 1X/10X Magnification Daylight Travel Makeup Mirror for Purses, and enjoy that elegant-looking compact.

    Only Mirrors. Only Omiro.

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