Things To Know About OMIRO Foldable Hand Mirror

Things To Know About OMIRO Foldable Hand Mirror

Mirrors may not be the most exciting thing to buy; however, they are needed in our day-to-day beauty regimen. We look in the mirror almost daily, so shopping for a mirror should be well considered, and choose one that can withstand time.

Through various digital platforms, you can buy handheld mirrors that will cost only a couple of dollars. However, expect that you’ll be back online looking for a replacement sooner than you think. Fortunately, here in OMIRO, you can find mirrors with a reasonable price yet quality ones.

Since we have various choices of hand mirrors, our team decided to review one of our bestselling handheld mirrors to help you out.

Product: OMIRO Hand Mirror, Double-Sided 1X/20X Magnifying Foldable Makeup Mirror for Handheld, Table, and Travel Usage

Key Features:

  • Double-sided mirror
  • Lightweight
  • Multifunctional
  • Durable
  • Affordable

Affordable and Double-sided

Pricewise, the Omiro foldable hand mirror has a sensible rate, but the quality is not compromise. It costs around $10-$14, depending on the level of magnification. Yes, the mirror has three magnification choices: 10X, 15X, and 20X. You won’t also need a second mirror to see your whole face since this is two-sided. One side is a regular 1X surface, and the other side is magnified.

The mirror with 10X magnification is perfect for applying makeup such as eyeliner or mascara, putting on contact lenses, and other makeup needs. The higher levels of magnification, namely 15X and 20X, should be chosen for precise applications like shaving or tweezing eyebrows. You can choose according to your preferences.

Lightweight and yet Durable

The mirror weighs 5.5 oz. It is lightweight. Its handle has an ergonomic design to provide ease of usage when holding the mirror. In addition, the viewing area is 5” in diameter. This is wide enough for your beauty routines yet small enough to store in your purse.

The glass used is a high-grade glass offers high definition and distortion-free reflection. The frame and handle are made of thick acrylic, making the mirror durable. The frame is round, sleek, and transparent which will perfectly match your style.


Omiro’s foldable hand mirror doesn’t only function as a handheld mirror but also as a tabletop mirror, hanging, and travel mirror. Most handheld mirrors have fixed handles and can’t be folded. They don’t make the best travel mates. However, with the multi-use design of Omiro’s foldable mirror, it became possible to have a hand/table/hanging/travel mirror all in one.

The handle is so flexible and can be adjusted up to a 270-degree angle. If you prefer to free your hands, and apply your makeup more conveniently, you can fold the stand of the mirror and leave it on top of your table. If you choose to do your beauty routine standing, put the mirror on a hook, and you will have a hanging mirror. Having a foldable handle can also mean that you can carry the mirror when you go traveling.

With the combined durability, portability in terms of weight and size, and affordability, this is by far the best choice for a handheld or travel mirror. Choose OMIRO Hand Mirror, Double-Sided Magnifying Foldable Makeup Mirror for Handheld, Table, and Travel Usage.

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