Top Makeup Mirrors for Beautiful Outcomes

Top Makeup Mirrors for Beautiful Outcomes

If you are a makeup enthusiast, then a bathroom mirror may not be sufficient enough for your needs. You may have encountered stepping away from your mirror at home and thinking you look great, only to catch a glimpse of your reflection later on and realize, your makeup is not properly blended. But do not fret, this has happened to the best of us because the lighting in bathrooms and bedrooms are not always adequate for certain purposes.

Makeup mirrors have become major tools for applying your foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, falsies, among others. Not only do women make use of them, but men can too. They often use it for removing facial hair accurately, removing blackheads, or even for skincare. Not to mention, having a mirror you can easily carry around can be helpful.

Fortunately, you can be happy to know that there is a wide range of makeup mirrors that is user-friendly and can help you avoid beauty blunders. So whether you are looking for a makeup mirror with big light fixtures or a mirror to get up and close with a 10X magnification, then below are some of the top mirrors you can choose from to obtain that beautiful outcome you have been longing for:

1.Magnifying Mirrors

Magnifying mirrors work best for finely detailed routines. Most of them are double-sided, wherein one side is your standard mirror, while the other side offers magnification ranging from 3X to 15X. This allows you to precisely apply your mascara, insert your contacts, tweeze your hairs, and do other grooming work with ease. They are also essential for covering up any fine lines or blemishes. They come in all shapes and sizes, including travel sizes so you can easily put them in your pockets and do touch-ups anywhere.

2.Lighted Mirrors

Good lighting is key when you are getting ready, but how can you guarantee consistent lighting from one place to the next? With built-in lights often found on the edges or encircling the reflective surfaces, these types of mirrors can help create a well-lit and consistent reflection so you can get ready without straining your eyes. Sure, you can do your makeup under fluorescent lighting or even using the selfie camera of your cellphone, but who would want to squint their eyes for a good 15 minutes? The light eliminates shadows that may result in uneven cosmetics. Some models even offer the feature of adjusting the level of brightness depending on where you are.

3.Handheld Mirrors

Handheld makeup mirrors are key for checking cosmetic applications and coloration from different angles. They come in different shapes and sizes, but your best option is to choose one that will show your entire face without any distortion. You can find them paired with a stationary mirror in the bathroom, at a vanity, or even in your purse through portable and compact sizes. You can even purchase one with your preferred magnification.

4.Vanity/Stationary Mirrors

A major advantage of this type of mirror is that it offers adjustable stands and movable features. This allows you to have both of your hands free so you can apply your makeup smoothly. Vanity mirrors are often found in bathrooms and bedrooms. Since they are designed in a larger size, this is not suitable for travel. They are also designed in a large rectangular or squared shape. Some features include light bulbs and magnification for clearer facial details.

Now that you are aware of some of the top makeup mirrors found on the market, you may now choose one with the features you need. Our makeup mirror collection at Omiro offers you a variety of options you can select from in order to create a balanced appearance. To view them, you may visit our website at, or like and follow us on our social media accounts.


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