What Are The Types Of LED Mirrors?

What Are The Types Of LED Mirrors?

The usage of LED mirrors has been on the rise and is quickly proving itself to be one of the most unique ways in introducing new and energy-saving lighting to every residential and commercial space. People are also constantly looking for creative and functional ways in making their experiences more comfortable and convenient. And with the various choices of LED lighting technology being offered today, you can now find what is best for you.

To help you further understand what is available in the market before making your purchase, below are a few options and the different types of LED mirrors that may interest you:

LED Compact Mirrors

If you are someone who is always on the go or if you intend on traveling, a LED compact mirror will be your best friend. They are made to be as convenient and lightweight as possible as you go and accomplish your errands. They can easily be kept in your purse or you can even leave them on your desk at work. You can bring them just about anywhere and they are the handiest tools when you need to do makeup retouches, check your teeth, or even pluck your hairs when you are not in a bathroom.

They can either have one or two mirrors in a protective plastic case, which folds down to close for easy storage and safe carrying. They come in various shapes, but the most common ones are either circular or square-shaped. They are also made with LED lights that are battery operated on at least one of the mirrors, if not both. Some models with two mirrors have one mirror that is magnified (3x, 5x, 10x, and more), and another one that is a standard mirror. Using this compact mirror can guarantee you that no matter how dark or bright a room is, you will be able to see your true reflection of how you look like.

LED Makeup Mirror

As mentioned earlier, many makeup artists prefer using a LED makeup mirror because it provides accurate and precise results. Typically, you can purchase this type of mirror in a round or oval shape. It is two-sided and it sits on a stand, which can be tilted at various angles for a better view of the face. Just like the compact mirror, one side offers a standard view (1x magnification), while the other side is magnified to however much you want. Sometimes you can find them up to 20x, however most people prefer its magnification to be somewhere between 5x to 15x. This allows you to see your pores and skin clearly. Other makeup mirrors are not double-sided and simply have one mirror that is magnified.

LED lights are installed around the perimeter of the mirror which allows you to see your reflection no matter what the lighting of the room is like. This makes them a possession unlike no other so you can spot any blemishes, check on your skin, put on contact lenses, or help shave. And since most of the time you can find these mirrors on top of a vanity, they can also be referred to as LED vanity mirrors. Generally, these mirrors have a stand with a circular base made out of metal with finishes such as chrome, nickel, or bronze. If you decide to purchase this, it is best to choose a durable material that will match the fixtures of the room. Some are also made of plastic or acrylic.

If you do not wish to have them on the stand, you also have the option of mounting them onto the wall. This can be a great solution if you do not have enough space and you are limiting clutter for a cleaner look. A wall-mounted mirror is usually screwed into an adjoining wall and has either a swivel arm so it can be folded. There are also other LED makeup mirrors that are unable to screw into the wall, but it has a suction cup to install instead.

Some LED makeup lights make use of electrical cords plugged into an outlet, but if you prefer, there are also many battery-operated models which include both the tabletop and wall-mounted models. Not having a plug makes your mirrors more portable, making it easier if you wish to move from one room to another. It can also be ideal if you do not want wires crowding up on your vanity table, dresser, countertop. Plus, you can also make use of rechargeable batteries. You may even find a few models that are rechargeable themselves and do not even need batteries.

LED Makeup lights are not as small as compact mirrors, but they are not as large as regular mirrors, making them just as easy to carry around on trips. They are also light in weight, which can be a huge advantage.

LED Bathroom Mirror

Just like a LED makeup mirror, a LED bathroom mirror can also be called a LED vanity mirror. As most people know, the bathroom is one of the most important spaces in any home because it is essentially where you begin and end each day. For this reason, many homeowners go out of their way to invest in fixtures that will make their experience more positive. And a LED vanity mirror is perfect for anyone who is looking to not only upscale the look of their bathroom, but for better functioning. Rather than spending on a standard mirror and installing separate lighting, why not purchase a LED bathroom mirror when it can give you both?

A bathroom will always need proper lighting and these rooms can be tricky if you want to place any kind of lighting including ceiling lights, sconces, and even light switches. The bathroom also tends to accommodate several tasks and routines that may require different types of lighting. For instance, a light in the middle of the room will not offer shadow-free task lighting at the mirror. In this case, a LED bathroom mirror can be the proper solution. Homeowners often work with a backlit mirror which is when the LED lights sit behind the mirror, outlining the perimeter and transforming your bathroom with sufficient, yet relaxing lighting.

These mirrors are very elegant and you can often find them in a round, square, or rectangular shape depending on what you are going for. If you are going for a softer more feminine look, you may choose one with round edges.

They also come in various sizes, so make sure to take into account of the overall proportions of the room. You do not want a mirror to be too big as it may empower the décor of the space making it feel overwhelming. On the other hand, choosing a small mirror can be impractical.

You can also decide if you want a frame or unframed mirror. Framed mirrors offer a statement while frameless mirrors offer minimalism. Many people choose a mirror without a frame because they are more attracted to the lights that are around the perimeter, which already serves as a frame. Either way, your mirror can serve as a beautiful focal point.

LED Cabinet Mirror or Medicine

Many people would love to have a LED vanity mirror, but not everyone has a great amount of space for it. While homeowners need storage, there are now built-in mirrored options to complement your space while still providing lighting and hidden shelving. If this is the case, a LED cabinet mirror or even a medicine cabinet to illuminate your bathroom can be the perfect addition. The days of boring medicine cabinets are long over! Not only does it save you space, but it also adds a touch of sophistication and class.

Having a LED cabinet mirror can help you create a space you are truly proud of. It allows you to conveniently keep your items inside while keeping your environment tidy and clutter-free. And best of all, all your toiletries will be in easy reach when you are brushing your teeth or shaving. Most of these mirrors are lit from the inside, but some also have lights on the outside to give it that extra appeal. Since these lights are operated by a sensor when you open and close the cabinet door, the items will easily be lit up with a soft light so you can quickly find what you need without any hassle.

As you can see, a mirror with LED lights has become a top choice for high-quality lighting. Whether it is a small compact mirror or a large bathroom mirror, there is something for everyone to enjoy and benefit from. With a wide selection of LED lighting technology, you will be spoilt for choice. Several models also offer many more features than the ones mentioned above. There are even LED mirror fixtures that have Bluetooth speakers so you can listen to music or a podcast for an even better experience.

So if you are searching for classy and affordable LED light mirrors, then you have come to the right place because our team at Omiro has a great collection for you. As one of the leading mirror suppliers and one of Amazon’s top sellers of mirrors, we have some of the most simple, yet modern designs. We understand that mirrors are essential for everyday use, which is why we have created and made each one of our items according to one’s needs and personality.

We also know that in our society, everything is fast-paced and we need tools to specifically cope with this lifestyle. For this reason, we offer the Omiro LED Lighter Compact mirror, which is a perfect option for anyone who is on the go. It is a stylish dual mirror that is battery operated and it is the perfect size that will fit into any small bag or pouch. They are so handy and portable, you will not even notice it is there! Whether you are in a dim or bright place, it will light up so you can see your image clearly.

We offer this mirror in three different colors including black, white, or pink. Aside from its lightweight and chic style, it comes with a 10x magnification so you can see your face up-close. With these superb features, you will surely want to have one for yourself!

We will also be launching Omiro’s first handheld LED mirror, which will also be suitable for anyone who travels often and is looking for a portable, and wider view. And while bathroom mirrors are installed on the wall for many homes, a portable handheld mirror can be much more practical and innovative as compared to the traditional kind of mirrors.

So to keep updated with our collection, be sure to visit our website at www.omirro.com, or like and follow us on our social media accounts. We are constantly looking for the best ways to enhance everyone’s experience, and we look forward to serving you with the most stylish, durable, and affordable mirrors on the market.


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