How Do Anti Fog Mirrors Work?

How Do Anti Fog Mirrors Work?

The common saying “It’s the little things in life that make you happy,” may indeed apply to many areas in a person’s life. In this case, something as simple as anti-fog mirrors can make a person ecstatic. The simple pleasure of decorating your residential or commercial space with these pieces can provide you with a safe, convenient, and comfortable experience under extreme humidity.

So you may be wondering, what are anti-fog mirrors? Anti-fog mirrors are made with a heated element and when switched on, it prevents your mirror from building up fog or tiny water droplets that form from when hot steam condenses. This usually occurs in high temperature places, specifically your bathroom when you are taking a hot bath or shower. Anti-fog mirrors go by several names including non-misting mirror, anti-steam mirror, de-fog mirror, among others. However, they all practically do the same thing. The end result is that despite the heat, your mirror will remain clear at all times so you can see your reflection.

The science behind anti-fog mirrors is when condensation occurs on glass surfaces and windows. When the hot water from your bath or shower turns into steam and cools down, it eventually turns back into liquid. When this builds up on the surfaces cooler than the air that is surrounding the area, then they eventually fog up and the reflective properties become impaired. That being said, after you take a long hot shower and you want to shave or do your skin care routine, you may not have the chance to do it considering your mirror will be too fogged up to clearly see your face.

To prevent this from happening, the surface of your mirror needs to be at a temperature close to the air temperature. This is where your anti-fog mirrors come in and do their thing. When its properties are switched on, the heating element will warm up the surface of the mirror, meaning the condensation will be less likely to form for a clear reflection.

You will be happy to know anti-fog mirrors come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, forms, and designs. You can even include lighting and other advanced features such as infrared on and off switches, which can be particularly useful when you have soapy hands. And if you are simply looking to upgrade your existing mirror, then a demister pad can be attached to the rear portion of your mirror. Take note, many anti-fog mirrors require wiring them into the main circuit, and can be connected to your existing light circuit so they can switch on at the same time as your main light. Before doing this, be sure to consult with a qualified electrician about the installation.

But hey! Do not think for a second that anti-fog mirrors are simply for your bathroom. These type of mirrors can also be used for your vehicle in order to have better visibility on the road. In fact, many people opt to weatherproof their car windows and mirrors to prevent accidents and protect you during tricky weather conditions. A driver who is impaired of a clear sight can result to not only injuries, but death. With these use of anti-fog mirrors from over the years, there has been a considerable decrease in road accidents in developed countries.

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