How to Do a Self-Haircut Using the Omiro 3 Way Mirror (A Step by Step Guide for MEN)

How to Do a Self-Haircut Using the Omiro 3 Way Mirror (A Step by Step Guide for MEN)


If you’re someone who’s trying to figure out the best way to efficiently manage your wildly grown manes, then you have come to the right place! Trips to the barbershop can be dreadful to many. Not only because it’s a risk to visit during the pandemic, but also because it can be incredibly expensive! This is especially for men whose hair grows out quickly. Plus, not everyone is fully satisfied with the end results.

Instead of splurging every two weeks for a trim, most people would rather take matters into their own hands and cut their own hair. And if you want to have your hair professionally cut at home, there is no better person who can do the job than yourself! Lucky for you, there are plenty of ways to change your look without being too extreme or doing something you might regret. So in order to keep your hair under control, we have put together everything you need to know to get started.

Tools for Self-Haircut

  • Omiro 3-Way Folding Mirror:If you’re serious about committing yourself to the home haircut lifestyle, then it’s important to invest in a mirror. The Omiro 3 Way Mirror, 360 Trifold Self Haircut Mirror is the perfect tool as it offers you a 360-degree view. With a clear view of your head, you will have the privilege to make your haircut look precisely how you want it. Not only does it provide you with good viewing angles, but you can bring it just about anywhere you go so you can keep yourself neat and stylish even when traveling!


  • Scissors: This is an absolute must for cutting your own hair. And while some people go directly for the clippers, a good haircut will require both clippers and scissors. It’s best to choose scissors that have a sharp edge, which can prevent your hair from fluffing out at the ends when you move around as you trim. Consider using precision scissors or ordering hair-cutting shears, which are razor-sharp. If you choose scissors that are too blunt, they may not be as effective.
  • Clippers:This tool can be tricky to find, but they are crucial when you want to cut the sides and the back of your hair. When it comes to these sections, scissors will not be enough to do the job.


  • Fine-tooth comb: Investing in this type of comb is essential for combing out any disobedient or tangled fine hair without causing any damage. It also helps to smoothly comb hair before every snip so that there will be an even-length achieved.


  • A Barber/Salon Cape: This tool is used to shield your clothing from any unnecessary dry/wet hair, as well as hair products. Therefore, it is essential to purchase one that is waterproof and of good quality, so it can last you a long time.


  • Neck Duster: This handy tool helps clean up and remove any broken and unwanted hair remaining on your neck and body after your haircut. 


  • Shaving Template:Believe it or not, you can find a neckline shaving template for cutting. This will make the task much easier because you don’t have to worry about keeping your neckline straight on your own. While not everyone chooses to work with this, it can be a handy tool to have on the list! 


  • A Haircut Sample: If you have something in mind, then it will be a lot easier if you have a picture you can look at to serve as a guide. While it’s not a must, it can surely make it more convenient for you so that you can create precise and efficient results. You can find these images online or go through old magazines to find your preferred hairstyle.

How to Cut Your Own Hair

Now that you’re familiar with the perfect tools for your haircut, then you can finally get started! Cutting your own hair for the first time can be intimidating, but don’t fret! We’ve got a complete guide to help you not mess up!

  1. Keep the area clean

There is nothing worse than having a cluttered area. If your station is messy, then it may be difficult for you to find the necessary tools whenever you need them. So be sure to make your space clear of everything unnecessary lying around.

  1. Set up your mirror

If you’re using the Omiro 3-Way Folding Mirror, you have the advantage of setting it up in such a way where you can conveniently see the back of your hair. And while a dual setup mirror can help you cut the side and back of your hair, a three-way mirror is even better in solving all of your problems!

So first, choose an area where you can hang the mirror itself, preferably a door. You also need to keep your convenience in mind. For instance, setting up the mirror where it will be easier for you to clean the area such as your bathroom. You also want to make sure you have enough space near the mirror to accommodate all your tools.

To install your Omiro 3-Way Folding Mirror, release the hooks by pulling them out from the back portion. Then, pull it down to adjust it to your preferred height where you can clearly see all your hair. Once it’s properly hanging on the door, open the wing mirrors from left to right, and then the opposite. The mirror is also equipped with suction cups for better stability.

If you’re mirror is dirty, be sure to clean it before you start cutting your hair. Otherwise, you might not have the time to wipe down the dirt as you are sitting in front of the mirror with your hand dipped on your hair. Once everything is up and clean, then you’re ready to go!

  1. Prepare your hair

Before anything, it’s important to wash, condition, and let your hair dry completely. This is necessary because hair tends to shrink as it dries and it will help avoid cutting off too much. After drying, then be sure to use a comb to detangle any knots with a brush. If your hair is unruly, you can always mist it with water, but avoid getting it too saturated. If you don’t prepare your hair and leave it tangled and dirty, then it can lead to uneven cuts.

  1. Gather around all the tools

Once you have all the tools necessary for your haircut, place them nearby so you can easily grab them when they are needed. Imagine if you’re in the middle of cutting your hair or holding a section with your hand, and you can’t find the tool you need next. Preparing both your hair and tools is crucial for you to complete the task so you can get your desired results. Then place the barber cape over the upper portion of your body for protection.

  1. Take your time

It’s normal to get excited to cut your own hair, however you want to take it slow and be conservative so you don’t make any mistakes. Avoid making any impulsive moves, so instead take it easy and always cut your hair in short sections. Remember, it may take you longer than usual to cut your hair short, but you can’t make short hair long once you’ve cut them. So don’t rush, be careful, and be precise as you do it.

  1. Cut the sides

Grab onto your clippers and cut your hair going against the direction of your hair growth. You want to start from the bottom and move the clippers upwards. Then, cut the lower portion slightly shorter to create a fade effect.

  1. Cut the back portion

When you start moving along to the back of your head, use the mirror to see what you’re doing, and work slowly and steadily. You may cut your hair by moving the clippers upwards, then cut the lower part slightly shorter. Be sure that your cut is even so that it connects with the sides.

  1. Create a fade

A fade is only best when you have short or uneven hair. As you cut, try to make a bigger contrast between the upper and lower length. This can make the line between the two more visible. The portion of the line will determine the type of fade you want (low, mid, high). The line should also be symmetrical and smooth as it shapes around your head.

  1. Cut the top portion short

Grab your scissors and cut a few inches on the top. Start by parting your hair into sections and cut each one in a straight line. A good tip to ensure that your hair is the same length is by comparing it to the previous one you cut.

  1. Clean up the hairline and style accordingly

The final step to your haircut is to clean up the hairline and any facial hair. Use the clippers and turn them upside down by holding it like a pencil. Then, carefully go around the hairline to clean up the area. Be careful as you don’t want to go too far up around the ears.

After your done cutting your hair, you can wash and dry it so you can see the final look and make any additional adjustments. Then, you can style it according to your liking with the necessary hair products. When you’re finished, you can remove the barber cape and use the neck duster to remove any excess hair.

Congratulations! You have officially learned a brand new skill. And while many people all around the world cut their own hair for different reasons, you can now say you are one of them. And if you are in need of any products to help the process become much more convenient, then our team of professionals at Omiro Mirrors have everything you need! So if you’re interested, then be sure to visit us at, or like and follow us on our social media pages!

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