Should You Cut Your Own Hair?

Should You Cut Your Own Hair?

There are numerous dos and don'ts when it comes to hair. One of them is whether you should cut your hair or not. Many hair stylists advise people not to do one's crowning glory. However, once you know the nitty-gritty of having a self-haircut, cutting your strands should not be a problem. It will be fun and a new skill for you which you'll enjoy the minute you realize the advantages it brings.

Keep in mind that you need to use the right tools. Using the wrong paraphernalia will consequently lead to disaster. Moreover, it will only lead to your hairstylist saying, "I told you so." 

Let's read the four reasons why you should cut your hair.

1. Gain control

You have been to hair shops before. You let other people decide what haircut looks best on you. The ending, either you liked it, or you didn't. The good thing about cutting your hair at home is taking control. You can decide the length of the hair to be cut or how it should look.

In addition, wherever you go, you can groom yourself without the help of a professional hairstylist. How convenient that is! Even when you are traveling, you can maintain that sharp look. Make sure that you have portable haircut tools at home, though.

2. Room to Experiment

Just like controlling how to cut your hair, you get to experiment on different hairstyles, too. There are many perks to cutting your hair at home, and one of them is finding the right look for you. At least this time, you have yourself to blame once you didn't like your haircut. Kidding aside, doing your strand is not just like your science experiment when you were a child. You need to do this task accurately since you are going out with it. To help you with this chore, you must have a 3-way mirror that gives a 360-degree view of your head.

3. Save money

How many times have you had trips to the barbershops or hair salons last year? Yeah, you could have saved up for those trips. Once you get the hang of cutting your hair, you can save that money meant for your hairstylist. If you have the tools, you can maximize them by offering your housemates a free haircut, too.

4. Save time

Need a haircut these pandemic days? You should make an appointment first at a hair shop. Now, if you know how to cut your hair, you can save time. You don't have to go through the hustle and bustle downtown to have your hair trimmed.

Trying self-haircut is good for you if you are into DIY. If you don't have a 3-way mirror, check out Omiro's 360 Trifold Self-haircut Mirror. It comes with a barber cape and a neck duster brush as freebies.

Invest by buying Omiro's 3-way mirror. You won't only be saving up your haircut expenses but also your time going to a hair shop.

Only Mirrors. Only Omiro.

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