OMIRO Trifold Mirror Review: Why It’s Perfect for You

OMIRO Trifold Mirror Review: Why It’s Perfect for You

Review of: 3-Way Self Haircut Mirror

Use: Self-grooming (haircut, makeup, etc.)

The Bottom Line: This durable but lightweight mirror makes self-haircutting much easier and more convenient. Plus, the design is sleek and can fit anywhere in your house may, it be in your bathroom, bedroom, or on your vanity  table.

You want your hair done, but you don't want to go through the hassle of setting an appointment with your hairstylist, or you don't have the luxury of time to go to the salon. As a result, you tried cutting your hair at home. The ending was an uneven haircut because you couldn't fully see your head while cutting. Don't fret, for you are not alone with these predicaments.

A 3-way mirror that shows a 360-degree view of your head, the OMIRO Trifold mirror is an excellent find that solves your self-grooming problems. Not only does it perfectly serve as a self-haircutting mirror, but it is also designed for any beautification purposes. At $34.57, the trifold mirror is worth the investment since it is comparatively cheaper than other trifold mirrors out there.

A 12-month warranty is offered with every purchase. The package includes a beard bib, a neck duster brush, two suction cups, and an instruction card on how to use the product. These freebies will provide that salon/ barbershop experience and make cleaning a lot easier. Furthermore, you can hang the mirror since it has telescoping hooks or can stand on its own on your tabletop.

What sets the Omiro Trifold Mirror apart from others

The body of the mirror is made of hard plastic. It is sleek, which gives that glossy impression. The panels are connected with reinforced hinges. This assures that the mirror won't break easily. In addition, the store provides a thorough guide on how to close the product correctly to avoid any damage. At the back of the mirror, you will find two telescoping rods, which you can hook on any of your doors. These hooks are primed metal and can be pulled up to 20 inches. The rods can even be rotated 360-degrees. This feature is excellent when you need to adjust the viewing height depending on your preference.

The trifold mirror's glass surface is made of specially treated and highly reflective material, displaying a high-definition, distortion-free image. All the mirror's panels have thickened glass that makes it more durable.

The trifold mirror can be opened to a full 180-degree, but you can modify it accordingly. It offers a 36-inch  wide viewing area. Imagine doing your haircut or applying makeup, and you can fully see the front and back of your head or any angle of your face. How amazing is that! This mirror suits personal grooming needs such as haircuts, makeup, dyeing, shaving, etc. 

What's great about this product is that the manufacturer makes sure your item is secured when shipped. The mirror's exterior and interior are covered with a protective film to avoid breakage or scratches. Furthermore, a bubble wrap is inside to add extra protection to the glass. Both edges of the mirror have thick Hygloss Styrofoam blocks.

There are two suction cups included in the package. These are for the beard bib and not to hold the mirror. The bib and the suction cups are meant for shaving or any tasks done in front of you. You can attach the other end of the bib to your neck and the other to the two suction cups attached to the mirror. The bib will catch all the falling hair, beard, or mustache being cut or shaved. Now, you can keep away from the inconvenience of sweeping that hair.

Keeping yourself clean and smart-looking wherever you go is now possible with the help of a trifold mirror. It is lightweight, and you can carry it inside your suitcase when traveling. It is only 3.2 pounds, and with the collapsible hooks, you can easily set it up anywhere. It is no doubt that this mirror is worth it. 

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