Small Budget Interior Ideas Using Mirrors

Small Budget Interior Ideas Using Mirrors

Are you on a low budget, but looking for ideas to keep your home modern and stylish? If so, then we have the perfect solution for you — mirrors! Sure, they are great tools when you need to check out how you look, but there is much more to them than this. They are also decorative, making them excellent accents to any blank wall space. When used correctly, they can truly do wonders to your home without having to splurge.

So before you start hanging your mirrors left and right, there are a few things to keep in mind. Using mirrors in a wide range of styles from vintage to antique to contemporary is an easy and affordable way to make your home visually interesting. These beautiful and simple pieces can function as an overall décor scheme, and here we have prepared a list of ideas to help you get inspired to decorate using mirrors:

  1. Vintage Mirrors

Decorating your walls with vintage mirrors is an easy way to make the focal point of any room interesting. Their ornate details and tarnished appearance make them stand out. For a classic hallway look, you may style your piece around art or flowers. You can also create a gallery of vintage mirrors, but be sure to carefully decide on placement. That being said, a collection may look best in a room with little clutter since the frames can be visually busy.

  1. Circular Mirrors

Round mirrors normally do not get the same recognition as rectangular mirrors, but times are definitely changing. Interiors featuring round mirrors have consistently taken over Pinterest feeds and other decorative pages due to their increasing popularity. Metallic or ornate-cut frames can automatically elevate the atmosphere of any space such as a powder room. Its round shape can also hold well-balanced designs that you may not expect to match throughout a room. For instance, a minimal marble table with a sculptural chair in the living room topped with an accent of bright red.

  1. Gold Mirrors

Golden details and frames can immediately make your room luxurious and expensive. They can also amplify a dark room to create a brighter atmosphere. Plus, they go well with almost every color. To glam up a space such as your living room, you may pair your piece with an elegant sofa set. Keep in mind if you have silver details, a golden mirror may be overdoing it.

  1. Long Mirrors

To create a spacious and airy room, do not be afraid to use large and long mirrors. Mirrors do not always have to be hung on the wall for emphasis. You can always lean them up against a wall, making them the perfect element to use in a tiny room. They can make your living room look chic, add visual distance between a room and a wall, and they make perfect spots to check out your outfit! Many homeowners prefer the rustic style which has become trendy. 

  1. Hanging Mirrors

Also known as the sailor moon mirror, chic hanging mirrors can add more light to any room without actually installing artificial light. They also give the room a more dynamic and contemporary look, putting regular and ordinary mirrors to shame. To make these mirrors stand out, you may choose a contrasting wall to hang them onto. In order for these mirrors to reflect light, the wall needs to be darker in tone.

Mirrors can be a game changer when it comes to interior design, not just because of their practical use, but also because they are an affordable and stylish accessory for a finished look. And what makes it better is that you do not need to be an interior designer to make small changes. Fortunately, you have the chance to purchase mirrors inexpensively at thrift shops or yard sales. You may also find varying styles from our collection at to create a charming backdrop. This way, you can amaze all of your future house guests with these innovative ideas!



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