Tips for Decorating Your Home with Antique Mirrors

Tips for Decorating Your Home with Antique Mirrors

With the various styles of antique mirrors in mind, you may be wondering where you can place your piece and how to decorate it to enhance the character of your living space. With its traditional yet fashionable appearance, you can certainly bring sophisticated and vintage beauty to your home. Such mirrors can make each room refined, and all you have to do is learn how to use them. Therefore, below you can get to know about some of the best ways to showcase the beauty of the various design schemes of these mirrors, whether it would be in the bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room, or kitchen.

1. Hang your antique mirrors strategically

If you are looking to create a sense of space, antique mirrors can absorb objects and light, making them bounce off. This can provide a double sensation in both brightness and depth. The mirror should be at least three-quarters as tall as the wall surrounding it. The key will always depend on the height and reflection of the mirror. Start by strategically placing your mirror in an area such as the dining room will make your pieces appear like additional windows. This is possible if you place your mirror facing one of the windows that offer more light and a wider view of the outside. This gives your home the illusion of the exterior portion being an extension to your dining room, including all its light. Not only does this bring positive vibes to the atmosphere, but it makes the area feel more spacious. If you do not have any mirrors, you may place vintage furniture in front to augment the style of your room. Aside from bringing in light and opening up space, you want to make sure you are reflecting your piece with something worthwhile. If you have an oversized mirror, this can be completely transformative. If you are looking to create a focal point and charm up the room, a good idea would be to hang a dramatic mirror on the opposite side of a chandelier. This can complement one another and create a luxurious aesthetic.

2. Create a backsplash

Believe it or not, antique mirrors can be used to create a backsplash or backdrop. Not only does this give out a unique look, but it is also quite chic. Since mirrors are easy to maintain while providing a glam of touch to any space, they have become a good option for decorating. For instance, rather than adding tiles to a dark countertop, a kitchen backsplash with a faded mirror would look nice. A silver-framed mirror would also work well with white cabinets. Or you may pair up an antique mirror bar backsplash with gray cabinets.

3. Set the tone to your bathroom or powder room

If there is one room where you may find antique mirrors the most, it would most likely be in a bathroom or a powder room. The designs of these pieces almost seem like they are specially made for these rooms as they add style and sophistication. There are several ways to style your antique mirrors depending on what you are going for. If you have a smaller restroom, then you may want to add larger mirrors to make the room appear bigger and more exquisite. You may also add antique mirrors behind a bathtub to accentuate it.

Otherwise, you may find a beautiful oval-shaped antique mirror and place it on the shelves or vanities for a classic vintage style. Add flowers in between so the mirrors catch all of the edges of the flower display. It also catches the colors and lines of the décor to spread around the room without making it look over-decorated. This gives it a more laid-back and informal feel.

4. Light up your accent walls

If you have a bold-colored wall, then a great option to lighten up the saturated color is by adding a cooler-toned oval or octagon glass mirror. Whether it is a deep red or a matte black room, the mirror will help your wall from feeling too heavy while still bringing in a focal point in the process. You may hang your piece behind the furniture near the wall or on the wall itself.

5. Create a bold look

If you want to do the complete opposite of lightening up a bold wall, then what better than to make a bold statement with mismatched mirrors? Sometimes more is more! The perfect place to make this fun look is along a stairwell wall. Incorporate all types of designs and do not be afraid to pair them up with different sizes. You can also incorporate rustic frames and pictures. This look can be exciting and full of personality, which still works well with a traditional style.

6. Play with shapes
Adding an antique mirror above a mantel can be a classic move, but do not forget about unconventionally shaped mirrors as they can actually become an interesting focal point to a predictable or expected placement. Using geometric patterns may be a love or hate relationship depending on the person and environment, so do not hesitate to experiment with rectangular frames or even curled edges.

Adding a large fringed half-circle mirror is a statement piece and can provide a modern bohemian look to a bedroom. You can also add rounded cornered mirrors to help break the straight lines in a room for more integration. Round mirrors have been proven to be a versatile option, bringing elegance and harmony. But the truth is, there are many more options you can use.

7. Create a welcoming entryway

The entryway or hallway of most homes and apartments lack light and space, which can easily be lifted with an antique mirror. Several homeowners choose a large vintage-style free-form mirror, specifically made with wooden frames since it adds warmth and a welcoming atmosphere.
Others choose to layer or cluster a set of small and mismatched 19th-century mirrors extending down to the hallway. This can make the path feel wider without actually adding a sense of clutter. In reality, it tends to carry out the style evenly throughout the home.
Accentuate existing pieces

If you have certain structures in your home such as a fireplace or furniture and accessories that have been laying around the area for years, then you can always spice things up with the addition of antique mirrors. Hanging a mirror above these structures, whether it is a cabinet or a minimalistic sink will not only make the area more alive and enticing, but also makes these items appear more modern.

8. Save space with a door mirror

Everyone needs a full-length mirror to get dressed early in the morning. Adding one to your door not only saves you space, but it can also make your room appear large while creating a window effect. This can brighten up the room and to make it feel more comfortable, wooden accents can do the trick! So if you have just acquired a new apartment or you are wanting an exciting new makeover for your home, then consider decorating your home with the latest trend of antique-styled mirrors. Having them on your walls can truly bring out the essence of your home and reflect upon your personality. It also makes a big difference if you are looking to have a more modern home interior design.

Centuries ago, antique mirrors were just as unique as their owners. With their expensive production, it often meant that only the wealthiest of people owned mirrors. However, fast forward to today, and you may find different types and styles of antique mirrors that match your personality, your home, and your budget.

Here at Omiro Mirrors, we offer you a collection of high-quality and affordable antique mirrors that will surely catch your eye. Our unique gold or bronze shield shape frame design makes an excellent choice for Baroque, Rococo, and any other antique decoration. This type of mirror is a must-have for every household and it can be the perfect addition to your entryway, hallway, living room, bedroom, or kitchen. It is also portable and easy to mount just about anywhere.

We also offer gold or white ornate frames to complement Baroque, Rococo, and other antique decors. It is made with a delicate floral pattern and is ideal to use when applying makeup or to hang by your dresser. It can even be used as a decorative mirror tray to place jewelry or even fruits during a wedding reception.

Another option we offer is our ornate gold frame with beautifully crafted vine art.
Whether you are looking for an antique mirror for your home or you intend on giving someone an exquisite antique design for their birthday, then you have come to the right place. Omiro Mirrors’ primary focus is to provide you with only the best of what we have to offer. Plus, all of our mirrors are environmentally friendly and made out of resin materials. Visit us at our website at to browse the rest of our collection and allow us to do wonders to your living space!


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