9 Must-haves In Your Handbag

9 Must-haves In Your Handbag

You went out thinking that everything you need is in your bag. Then comes a situation where you need something. You dig into your purse to look for it. However, you realize that what you're looking for is either not there or lost in a mess inside your bag. Bummer!

Every situation calls for a different measure. You may not know what specific things should tag along with you every day. So, here is a list of must-haves in your purse that will surely come in handy and save your day.

  1. A hand sanitizer

We are slowly making progress in this pandemic, and COVID-19 is not as big of a threat as before, but hand sanitizer is still essential to keep yourself and the people around you safe. Let us always practice good hygiene wherever we are to keep ourselves healthy.

  1. A pack of tissue paper

You may not know when you will need a pack of tissues. It comes in handy whenever we spill something, when we feel a sneeze coming on or even offering sympathy to a sniffling stranger.

  1. An outstanding mirror

What could be the best thing to carry with you round the clock to keep looking your best? A mirror. Not everywhere you will go to has a mirror. So, it is best to carry one in your handbag wherever you go. OMIRO's Color of the Year 2022 Mirror is the best option. It is sleek-looking and very compact that it fits your palm.

The mirror has a unique style with a dodecagon shape and comes in the trendiest color- Very Peri. It is also perfect for cosmetic use since it has two mirrors, one regular and the other a 10X magnifying mirror. Check it here.

  1. A few safety pins

Safety pins are more valuable than what you give them credit for. You never know when a button will pop or a seam will tear. Thus, having safety pins in your bag is a good idea. You may even become a lifesaver to a friend or anyone who needs it.

  1. Handful of hair ties/ pins and a compact hairbrush

Due to unpredictable weather conditions, carrying a handful of hair ties or pins and a hairbrush is always advisable. A simple comb would also do. You don't have to worry anymore about unruly hair. Also, you don't have to go through that awkward situation of asking a stranger for a tie.

  1. Your favorite pen and some paper

It is wise to have a pen and a small pad of paper with you when you go out. You might need to write down something or fill up a form while outside. It is better to be prepared than be inconvenienced because of not having these items when you need them.

  1. Some plasters

One way or another, you might have also faced that harrowing experience of enduring the pain of wearing new shoes. If you are prepared and have those band-aids popped into your purse, you no longer have to worry about your heels. You can likewise use these plasters to hide a chipped nail polish.

  1. Your wallet/ cardholder

Cash may not be the preferred way of payment nowadays. People usually pay through cards. Therefore, you should have a cardholder or a wallet to store your cards, whether they are debit/credit cards, loyalty cards, ID cards, etc. These cards are essential and must be kept in one safe place.

  1. A makeup pouch

Have a small pouch where you can put your makeup essentials. We are not talking about the whole set here, but rather the basic ones like a simple lippy or a lip balm, powder, and eyeliner to keep your look fresh throughout the day. These as well will ready you for any unprepared meetings or last-minute gatherings.

As the saying goes, "Prevention is better than cure." Having these small but essential things with you will at least avoid any misfortune during your eventful day. Knowing what to bring will also get rid of unnecessary clutter. Let these items help you face every day with confidence.

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