Benefits of a Magnifying Mirror

Benefits of a Magnifying Mirror

In short, a magnifying mirror can zoom in on different areas for you to gain a clearer representation of your face. While the power of magnification is one of its biggest edges, you may be surprised to know that it offers much more than that. For this reason, we have compiled a variety of benefits that may help you consider purchasing a magnifying mirror for you or for someone special. 
  • Provides ease and comfort  

Magnifying mirrors come in different magnification levels depending on your purpose. You can place your mirror anywhere you want, such as your bathroom table, countertop mounted onto the wall, and there are even portable pocket models. Depending on where you choose to put it, you may need a higher or a lower magnification level. You can also find mirrors that rotate 360º for a better view of the face. This can make it easier and more comfortable of an experience when you are looking into the mirror. 

The degree of the magnification level is simple to understand, but it can be hard to imagine without having to try it out beforehand. Therefore, you need to ask yourself how big of a view do you want? Consider the approximate size of your face as a guideline. A 15x magnifying mirror may be too close for comfort, while a 3x mirror may not be magnified enough. 

You may also take into account of any eye conditions you are suffering from. Smartphones, tablets, computers, and other technology emitting blue light play a big role in this generation, making it common for some people to have blurred vision. Not to mention, as one gets older, close-up vision also starts to decline. While glasses can help you, you still have to remove them if you apply eyeliner. In this case, a magnifying mirror may be the perfect solution. 
  • Access to lighting for clarity

Some magnifying mirrors have the feature of built-in lighting on both sides or enclosing the entire surface. Most mirrors with built-in lights make use of LED and fluorescent lamps, which offer a soft and more natural light. The best thing about these bulbs is that they save up a lot of energy and they are more economical.  

There are also products with incandescent lights, which are mainly softer and warmer in tone. Although it offers pleasant lighting, it may not be the most reliable when you are doing your makeup. However, it can be a good choice as a secondary light source or even for simple tasks such as brushing your hair. Unfortunately, as compared to LED and florescent lights, incandescent bulbs tend to heat up quicker and use a lot of electricity. 

  • Helps to achieve high levels of accuracy and precision in a short time

Mistakes are often made when applying makeup, shaving, doing skincare, tweezing eyebrows, among other routines because not everyone can see their faces precisely. A magnifying mirror allows you to immediately see and correct any imperfections or makeup errors. 

For instance, a classic makeup mistake is putting on the wrong shade of foundation and highlights. It may look good when you are applying it, but when you step outside with natural lighting, it may end up looking like a disaster. Fortunately, with the magnification options and proper lighting, it can be easier to make any adjustments.

  • Comes in a range of styles 

Just because a magnifying mirror is a daily tool does not mean it cannot be stylish and reflect your personality. You can find a wide range of options that come in different shapes, sizes, colors, finishes, among others. Plastic models are widely popular because they are the cheapest in material and they better suit modern interiors. 

You can find metal models in stainless steel, brass, nickel, chrome, bronze, and black matte, which are considered classics. Since they are heavier than other materials, they tend to be more stable and a gorgeous decorative element of the interior. Other magnifying mirrors have stands made out of natural stones such as marble, onyx, malachite, and others. They are considered to be luxury pieces as they do not go out of style and it does not lose their attractive appearance. This option is often chosen by those who are wealthier and have a classic-style interior.  

Another option can be porcelain models, however, they are unusual and harder to find. The price for these pieces are also much higher than the cost of the other materials. It is also worth taking note that such mirrors require extra care and attention. 

But above all, colors are of great importance when choosing your design. Most of the plastic mirrors have more options, although newer and more contemporary models have added rose gold and other elegant hues of metal. If you are planning to travel, your best pick would be a plastic magnifying mirror because they are lightweight. Just be wary of the type of plastic it is made out of and make sure it is durable so it lasts longer. 

  • Cost-effective 

Since there are various models just like the ones mentioned above, you will surely find a magnifying mirror that can suit your budget. The most affordable options usually have minimum functions, but this does not mean they will not get the job done. On the other hand, mirrors with higher quality materials and with built-in lights are more costly. 

If you take a minute to consider, a higher quality mirror can end up serving you a lifetime. For this reason, it does not make much sense to save and spend on something that may eventually break. Therefore, you may want to invest in a high-end product.

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