Compact Mirror VS Cellphone Camera

Compact Mirror VS Cellphone Camera

Living in the modern world, the digital generation has relied on a collection of gadgets for everyday use. Many people do not even bother carrying around music players, video cameras, or even pen and paper. Instead, it has become the norm to see everyone glued to these technological devices, which happen to be equipped with replacement features of your ordinary items. The most common device society chooses is the smartphone.

Now it seems as though the next inanimate object that could start crumbling may be the compact mirror. And while it has become something of a throwback, its value does not go unnoticed. With the convenience of a cell phone screen, it has become relatively easy to check your reflection, but it is simply not as elegant as a compact mirror.

The human brain is accustomed to seeing oneself in the mirror. Back in the day, the original mirror was by looking at one’s reflection in the water. It comes naturally for the brain to tell the eyes to see the “ideal” reflection at full size because that is how human beings work. Fast forward to today, you may have learned to shrink your head to barely 4” tall on a mobile phone’s screen, creating a distorted image and making your brain decide whether it likes what the eyes are seeing.

By now, you may have noticed the strange phenomenon between mirrors and cell phones. Think about which one is more accurate. While a mirror is a more ideal tool to take a glimpse of yourself, many girls usually use their front cameras on their smartphones. But you need to understand that people who have gotten used to mirrors expect the selfie camera to give off the same quality, which is not the case.

A compact mirror will show you a mirrored image of yourself. On the other hand, a smartphone camera will show you the reverse of the mirror. Seeing your face in reverse can often be a strange experience because the image is not symmetrical. This means the image will show you a completely different angle and perspective of your face as compared to using a mirror. That being said, a cell phone will show you how others see you.

Not to mention, there can be a few other inaccuracies about using a smartphone as your main mirror. Ever heard the famous anecdote about the camera adding ten pounds? Well, this is partially true! Due to the curvature and distorting effects of the lens, it can result in a slightly different perspective on your look. Plus, the lighting and filters that go with it.

So can we suggest a solution? Bring back compact mirrors! A compact mirror is an essential that every woman should have. If you are someone who is always on the go, then this type of mirror is perfect for you. This portable-looking glass is small enough to easily be stashed away in a pocket or a purse so you can take it everywhere you go. Such mirrors are great for touching up your makeup and turning the act into a more sophisticated gesture. Just holding your compact mirror alone can make you feel more grown-up and chic.

Compact mirrors are not only used for their functionality, but they are also used as accessories since they come in numerous shapes, colors, and styles. So if you wish to buy one for yourself, you can look right here at With just a few clicks away, you will be able to see all the available options we have in store for you! This way, you can choose one that best suits your style and budget.



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