Things to Consider Before Having a Self-haircut

Things to Consider Before Having a Self-haircut

Having a haircut is fun, especially if the hairstyle suits you. Recently, many people have been opting to do DIY haircuts since some hair shops closed or because they simply wanted to do it themselves. A lot of people out there are impulsive, and they cut their hair out of whim. Before doing it, though, you have to consider things. Plan ahead as you don't get to grow your hair overnight once you chopped off that hair. So, if you are thinking of doing a self-haircut, read on.

Do you really want it?

Maybe you saw a lovely hairstyle, and now you are thinking of cutting your hair. That's why you are here, right? Make sure that you thought of that idea like a night and not just a spur-of-the-moment. If you are having doubts, put away that plan. Do it when you really feel that you like it. However, if you are that person who thinks that hair is just an accessory and that it will grow back once ruined, go ahead!

Do you have a hairstyle in mind?

You have the freedom to choose any hairstyle you want. Remember that not all styles suit all face shapes. You need to do some research to know which cut matches yours. Start by searching for celebrities who look similar to you and their style. Another option is to try an app that lets you see how you look with a particular hairstyle. There are free apps online that you can use like ModiFace and Hairstyle Magic Mirror.

Do you have the time?

You don't only consider if the haircut complements your face shape, but also if the hairstyle needs styling time. Put in mind what kind of lifestyle you have. If you are a busy person, then contemplate having an uncomplicated style. Anyway, it is better to go for basic hairstyles when cutting your hair. You can experiment with a complicated look once you get the hang of it.

Do you have the tools?

Finally, you need to consider the tools you will use. Having a sharp pair of kitchen scissors at home is not enough. There is a reason why scissors are made with specific usage. You need to go for a couple of scissors for cutting hair. An additional requirement is a mirror that will provide you a view of your entire head while doing the deed. Do you have a 3-way mirror that is a distortion-free and high definition? This is essential if you want a precise cut, especially at the back of your head. For the other self-haircut tools, check them here.

Once you are done reading, go ahead and add to cart Omiro's 360-degree Trifold Mirror and cut that hair. Have fun.

Only Mirrors. Only Omiro.

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