Extraordinary Gifts For Your Modern Day Superhero

Extraordinary Gifts For Your Modern Day Superhero

"Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, and singers of song." – Pam Brown

Father's Day is just around the corner! It's an excellent day in a year to pay your tributes and show your love to the man whom you first love. A father serves as a guide and motivator to his children to build a successful future. You may not know or see it, but he sacrifices his own dreams to put first your welfare. So, it is only fitting to greet him on this occasion. This is not a formality but the right time to express your respect and unconditional love in return.

Giving gifts is an absolute choice as this can speak words from our hearts. Nowadays, online platforms promote an extensive range of expressive but common gifts such as personalized mugs, wallets, and a bouquet. This third coming Sunday of June, why not make it an unforgettable day for your dad by gifting him a mirror?

A mirror will significantly assist your father's daily grooming needs. At the same time, it will remind him of your love and effort every time he sees his reflection in that mirror. You can give him a mirror which he can use when he does his beard or hair, or even a mirror that he can carry when he travels. 

OMIRO, an online brand exclusively offering mirrors, has a 20% off promo on its four best mirrors for dads. Check them out to make shopping easier and make your father feel like the most precious man in the world.

OMIRO Hand Mirror, Black Handheld Mirror with Handle, 6.3" W x 9.6" L

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    One of the store's bestsellers, Omiro Black Handheld Mirror, is perfect for your old man's shaving needs. It has a 2-way design, meaning your father can either hold it or hang it on a wall. The Omiro Hand Mirror has one regular mirror with no magnification. It comes with a complimentary portable razor or a classic comb for every purchase.

    OMIRO 3 Way Mirror, 360° Mirror, Trifold Self Haircut Mirror with Adjustable Hooks,  Multi-Functional Haircut Mirror, Barber Mirror, for Makeup and Travel

    Promo Code: W2V8-AGZ6D2-2HNFAZ

      If your father does his hair, this is a perfect find for him. The 3-way mirror shows a 360-degree view of your head, which is excellent for a precise haircut at home. It is durable and has telescoping hooks. Plus, the design is sleek and can fit anywhere in the house, whether it be in the bathroom, bedroom, or put on the table. The greatest perk of this mirror is that it comes with a beard bib, a neck duster brush, and two suction cups for the bib to make cleaning a lot easier.

      OMIRO Hand Mirror, Double-Sided 1X/20X Magnifying Foldable Makeup Mirror for Handheld, Table, and Travel Usage

        Promo Code: ZKXM-NLVWSP-WFXUAW

        The Omiro foldable hand mirror is relatively cheap but of excellent quality. It is double-sided with a 1X regular mirror on one side and 20X magnification on the other. Isn't that great, especially for fathers with poor vision?

        Omiro's foldable hand mirror functions as a handheld mirror, a tabletop mirror, a hanging, and a travel mirror. The design is also simple, with thick clear acrylic as a frame. 

        OMIRO Folding Compact Mirror, 1X/10X Magnification 3½" Pocket Size Square Hand Mirror for Travel Makeup (Black)

          Promo Code: X4GA-HSXWEN-E2S4AJ

          Who said compact mirrors are only meant for women? Let us normalize the usage of compact mirrors also for men. Compacts are very convenient to carry, especially if your father likes traveling or going out of town.

          The Omiro folding compact mirror has two mirrors inside: one regular that shows the whole face and one magnified mirror with 10X magnification. The size is small enough to fit in a bag. The sleek black body frame is sophisticated-looking and will fit your dad's style.

          The Father's Day promotion is only valid from June 13 to June 20, 2022. Don't miss out and check these products out. Happy shopping!

          Only Mirrors. Only Omiro.
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