Reasons to Consider a Compact Mirror for that Special Someone

Reasons to Consider a Compact Mirror for that Special Someone

Previously, we have talked about the compact mirror as a good gift. If you are not convinced, do not fret! In this article, you will learn about a few common reasons to help you get inspired and decide whether a compact mirror can be an ideal and meaningful gift for your friend, loved one, or even for you.

First off, this particular type of mirror is ideal for anyone and everyone. And while there is a popular stereotype to date on body image, it has shown that most women are much more in-tact with their physical appearance as compared to men. This is because society has implemented social expectations and unrealistic beauty standards, making it more common for women to be judged on a regular basis. They are portrayed as “bathroom-hoggers” who spend hours in front of the mirror before they leave the house. They make sure to check that nothing is out of place, not even one eyebrow hair. And although this may have a negative connotation, you best believe that men also spend a great amount of time per day looking at their reflection.

According to a survey of 1,000 British individuals, males admitted that they tend to check themselves purely for the pleasure of admiring their features. But overall, the majority of both women and men agreed that it was important and a key prerogative to look at themselves in order to maintain a good personal appearance.

Presenting a well-groomed and neat look can play a major role in the professional setting. And despite this bias for beauty or attractiveness, which operates in almost all social situations, it is important to keep a good balance of your personal hygiene and remember you possess other desirable characteristics such as intelligence, competence, confidence, finesse, and even a moral virtue. With this in mind, a compact mirror may be a powerful and helpful tool for both men and women of all ages.

A compact mirror is designed to make everyone’s daily life easier and has become a great solution for any individual who needs to get ready on the go. Need to retouch your makeup or fix your hair? Rather than going to the restroom to check for any leftover food in your teeth on a wall mirror, you can simply excuse yourself and take a quick peek right where you are seated. For this reason, a pocket mirror can increase its perceived value with this being its biggest advantage. Giving it to someone as a gift makes it an integral part of their personal life.

There are pieces that contain only one mirror within a durable frame or inside of a protective case. Others contain two mirrors, generally inside of a hinged case, which can be used to view different angles as compared to what a single mirror would allow.

The case or frame is typically made out of sturdy materials and with sophisticated designs. Usually, they are created with either plastic or some type of metal such as silver or aluminum due to their high reflectivity, then they are applied as the thin coating on glass since they are naturally smooth with a hard surface.

The better option would be based on personal preference. Some prefer lightweight plastic while others would go for the more durable and harder metal, even if they tend to be heavier in weight. Some are made out of gold or bronze, which radiates cleanliness and elegance. Others are made out of wood such as bamboo for those who are looking for an eco-friendly option that is low-maintenance and can easily be cleaned.

At the end of the day, durability can play a major factor when carrying the mirror in your pocket or bag. This is because bending and flexing movements, as well as sitting on the mirror when it is placed in the back of your pocket, may cause weaker plastics to crack, making the mirror break easily. And if you do not fancy these types of materials, then no worries! You can surely find these pieces in different shades and colors to add a bit of character.

You can find a variety of unique styles that range from traditional to vintage to contemporary. They may be simple or heavily ornamented with jewels, crystals, diamonds, among others. They even come in different patterns and themes depending on what you are looking for or what your preference is. For instance, some pocket mirrors are designed as a map, full of flowers, and even cartoons.

They may also come in different shapes and sizes including circular, oval, square, rectangular, and rhombus. Some also come in the form of a heart, lips, or with the resemblance of an animal such as a cat or a bunny. However, most people prefer simple and circular-shaped designs because they are easy to hold and show a fuller view of the face.

Several compact mirrors offer different features, one of them being equipped with led lights on the perimeter of the mirror. With lights added onto the case, it can help you to see more detail if you, for instance, are plucking a stray of hair or reapplying makeup during broad daylight and at night too. It tends to mimic natural sunlight to help you have a clear vision of your true-to-life self with the correct color details, meaning you can trust what you will see in the mirror. Although, it is important to take note that some people may find lit compact mirrors to be too bright and may actually hinder more than they help. In this case, you may choose a compact mirror with some degree of magnification to help bring smaller details into light.

If you are looking to make your gift even more special than it already is, then you will be happy to know that several brands offer their customers the ability to personalize their compact mirrors. Beautifully engraved pieces will make your product one-of-a-kind for anyone. A few ideas include placing their names, writing a special message, inserting a particular date, or even adding a unique design or logo. Customizing this piece means you are dedicating more of your time to think about the gift you intend on giving, so the receiver can proudly claim it as theirs. They will surely appreciate it as it is considered to be thought outside the box.


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