Care Tips For Your Installed Mirror

Care Tips For Your Installed Mirror

Feeling frustrated when you wake up and see your reflection in a dirty, blurry, or stained mirror? You are not alone, but  don’t  be  bothered  because all you need is better mirror upkeeping.

Mirrors don’t only function as reflective items where you can see yourself, but they also have aesthetic benefits. They can make small spaces look roomier or make darker rooms appear brighter. A mirror can also serve as décor and create the feel of sophistication and relaxation.

However, these benefits of a mirror become useless or ruined when the mirror gets tarnished. Follow our simple guidelines for caring for your mirror and give it a chance to provide you long years of service.


  • Use clean, warm water. This is by far the safest cleaner that you can use. You can also use other cleaners which are alcohol-based. Wet a soft cotton cloth, and use it to wipe your mirror’s surface. Make sure that you use only lint-free and soft fabric. Aside from cloth, a paper towel is also an excellent alternative. Use a quality paper towel to avoid leaving lint or having it dissolved when soaked for a prolonged time.
  • For mirrors that can be hung or installed, ensure that the edges and joints are dry to avoid damaging the backing of the mirror. When mirrors are put in humid places, see to it that there’s enough ventilation as to prevent accumulation of moisture which could lead to damage.
  • If you happen to have a mirror with a frame, dust it to keep its luster. It is crucial to remember that you need to clean the glass surface and its finishes. This will maintain the full beauty of the mirror in the years to come.
  • Be careful when transferring your mirror from one place to another, not to get it chipped or broken. When you just bought a mirror, unpack it the soonest as possible to allow moisture dissipation during transit.


  • Don’t use acidic or alkali cleaners. Any cleaners that have chlorine bleach and ammonia should be avoided. Never utilize abrasive materials such as steel wool or rough cloth to rub the mirror, which may lead to scratches.
  • Don’t apply or spray cleaners directly to the mirror. The cleaner can run down to the glass and enter seams and edges, which will damage the mirror backing. Always put the cleaning agent on a cloth before applying it to the mirror.
  • Don’t install mirrors behind doors or somewhere, which subjects them to getting broken or damaged easily.
  • Don’t touch the mirror with your fingers or hands. This will only leave marks or smear the surface of your mirror. You can opt to use gloves when transferring the mirror.

Follow these easy tips, and you will keep your mirror in the long run. It takes is proper care and maintenance to have a streak and scrape-free mirror.

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