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Q: Is the hinge strong?
A: The hinge is strong and sturdy. The compact mirror can be opened steady at a 90-degree angle.
Q: Is there a magnet that keeps it closed?
A: It just snaps magnet is needed. Very sturdy and comes in a carrying bag.
Q: Does this mirror come with a carrying bag or case?
A: It comes in a soft, velvety pouch and is packed in a small box.
Q: Is the light on the magnified mirror side of the compact? (LED)
A: The light is not on the magnified side.
Q: Is the mirror rechargeable? If not, does it come with batteries? (LED)
A: Thanks for asking! Sorry for that. This mirror is not rechargeable. It uses the CR2032 3V batteries for power supply (2 batteries included in the box).
Q: Is the reflective surface of the actual mirror glass or shatterproof plexiglass?
A: Thanks for asking. It's actually a plain glass.
Q: Is this mirror fogless for use in a shower?
A: No, this is a standard hand mirror with no fog-free or something similar. However, it's waterproof, so you are free to use it in a shower.
Q: Is it heavy?
A: Not heavy at all.
Q: Are the mirrors smaller than described?
A: The answer is NO.
Small or big is a subjective feeling, but our product description is objective. As responsible sellers, we ensure that the product description is accurate, especially when it comes to the size, material, weight, etc. We deliver our product exactly as described. There might be a slight deviation in the mirror size due to manual measurement, but we've checked a thousand times that our product description is accurate.
Q: What is the blade thingy it comes with used for?
A: The little blade thingy you asked for is an eyebrow razor. It comes within the box as a freebie. The razor can be used to style and trim your facial hair, remove fine facial hairs, and even smoothen your skin. It works great and is ideal for both men and women.
Q: Is this an unbreakable mirror?
A: The mirror is made of real glass. Thus once hit with a hard object, it will break.
Q: Can you use it for hair cutting and hair trimming?
A: I would say yes. This item is excellent for such while providing full range viewing.
Q: How to install the LED handheld mirror on the storage box?
A: There are three grooves in the middle of the storage box where the handheld mirror can stand in place. You can also adjust the angle of the mirror by placing it in any of the said grooves.
Q: Does the LED Handheld mirror have magnification?
A: Yeah. One side is non-magnified, and the other has a 10x magnification.
Q: Is the LED handheld mirror operated by a battery, or can it be charged?
A: This handheld mirror with lights is charged by USB and comes with a charging cable.
Q: Is the LED handheld mirror bright?
A: This mirror has three light settings. They are all great and different- goes from bright to brighter. I love this mirror- great for travel and applying makeup.
Q: Are both mirrors on the LED Handheld mirror lighted?
A: Yes, both sides are lighted.
Q: Is the oval decorative mirror (white/gold) can be used as a tray, too?
A: Yep, it is a mirror but also serves as a tray, and you can put the fruits above the mirror and put them on the table at the party. It is awesome for taking pictures.
Q: Is the hook behind the mirror strong enough?
A: Yes, it is. You can hang it and use it as décor.
Q: Is the frame wood or plastic?
A: The frame of the mirror is made of plastic(ABS) and is lightweight.
Q: What is the hook width?
A: The hook width is about 2inch. The hook is made of metal and can be firmly attached to the door.
Q: Can it stand on its own? Or need support from hook?
A: It is trifold, so you can stand it on its own and bend it as needed. I guess it could depend on the surface. Otherwise, the hooks are adjustable and helpful.
Q: What are the end hooks made of? Do they break easily?
A: Our barber mirror has two hooks and telescopic rods, all of them are made of prime & durable metal, so no worry, they will be broken when closing the door or hanging it.
Q: What is the size of this mirror? Is there a magnification? Is it the same on every side?
A: The size of this self haircut mirror is 7.6in W and 11.8in L. But if you open all mirrors to be 180 degrees, this 3-way mirror can be as long as 35.4inch, and you can adjust the angle you want because it is equipped with strong hinges. BTW, we would like to remind you that the mirror is without any magnification. The three mirrors are regular.
Q: I want to use it when I travel. Is this product lightweight and portable?
A: The product is only 3.2 pounds! It's very lightweight and convenient to take in a suitcase if you'd like to use it on the go. It folds up firmly, and the hooks are collapsable into the main body, so it is compact.
Q: There are several different sellers for this three-way mirror. Is this brand good?
A: There are many different cheaply made versions of this three-way mirror on Amazon. Cheap hinges that break easily, distorted mirrors that reduce clarity, and plastic hooks that result in it breaking. But, I found that OMIRO is a professional company that specializes in mirror products. Many of these products are trustworthy in quality. It's the highest-quality version available on Amazon.
Q: Will I be able to see the back of my head clearly, or do I need another mirror (Like a 4th mirror)?
A: Honestly, if you get the right angle on the mirror, you should be fine. With the three mirrors, you can get a clear view of your entire head.
Q: How clear is the glass?
A: Our mirror is specially treated and coated with a highly reflective material on the surface, which can be displayed in high definition without distortion. In addition, all the mirror has thickened glass, which makes the mirror more durable.
Q: The mirror is blurry and upside-down. What should I do?
A: It is important to remember to focus the line of sight in the middle when using a magnifying mirror. Otherwise, the image will be blurry and turn upside down.
Q: My mirror is too magnified and hard to use. Is there any tip on how to properly use a mirror with magnification?
A: You need to stay close and find the proper distance between you and the mirror. For the 25X mirror, it is advised that you approximately keep a distance of 2 inches. For the 10X mirror, a distance of 3 inches is highly recommended during use. For a 7X mirror, you should stand 4.1 inches away from the mirror. Note: For more tips on how to use a magnifying mirror, watch the tutorial here.

Refund/ Replacement Information

A: For order cancellations, kindly contact Amazon. They have the full authority for such a case.
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A: If you received a damaged/ broken item, you are entitled to a replacement or a refund equivalent to the item purchased (Tax Excluded).
Also, as we do not have a warehouse in the US, returning the damaged mirror is no longer required.
However, if you still want to return the product or exchange it for other reasons, we advise you to contact Amazon directly. They have the authority to resolve such cases.
A: We will issue you an Amazon gift card equivalent to the item purchased (Tax Excluded).
To use your Amazon Gift Card code, please follow these steps:
1. Open the page of your Amazon account, then click on the button "Your Payments".
2. Find "wallet - your balance - Amazon gift card, then click on the button "Redeem a gift card".
3. Find "redeem a gift card - enter claim code", then type the Amazon gift code in the input box.
4. Use this code when purchasing.

Refund/ Replacement Information

A: Under normal circumstances, your order should arrive within a week.
A: For missing orders, kindly contact Amazon. They have the full authority for such a case.
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A: Yes. Kindly contact us at, and we will deal with it accordingly.

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