Expectations When Cutting Your Hair

Expectations When Cutting Your Hair

Thinking about cutting your hair gives you that challenge and thrill. Maybe you have already searched online for that hairstyle you wanted. There is nothing wrong with that since most people nowadays are into cutting their own hair. This system gives us the freedom to cut and style our hair with the help of a good pair of scissors or shaver and a quality mirror, of course. Since the pandemic hit, this has become a norm.

Before diving into that task of chopping or shaving your locks, you need to rein in your expectations first. Remember when you went to a hairstylist with a picture of a style you wanted but came out of that shop dissatisfied? Or you want your hair cut, but you didn’t know what style you should have, so you let someone else decide, but then you regret it after? Well, it is the same when you do your hair. Sometimes, you have to accept that not all you want will be given.

Not perfect at first

Some people know how they want their hair cut. They even save on their phones pictures of the hairstyles they like. However, remember that these photos should only serve as references. If you are cutting your hair, there is even a possibility that you will not fully achieve that style. 

Try to go for a more straightforward and uncomplicated look to lessen the disappointment. Especially if this is your first time doing it, try to do short trims. Cutting it long will lead to drastic changes that you will either like or hate.

Not a lot of options

Now, there is a reason why hair stylists or hair salons exist. They have the expertise in doing the job; they are fully equipped. However, this should not dismay you for cutting your hair at home. As long as you do the basic or easy-to-do haircuts, you are good to go. That’s the downside, I think, of the self-haircut system; you don’t get a lot of choices when it comes to styles. Look at the brighter side that at least you get to cut that overgrown mane all by yourself.

Not everyone will be pleased

Let us say you went ahead and cut your hair. You loved it. You were proud of it. Don’t expect, though, that people around you will feel the same. Some of your friends or relatives may even say that you look horrible with that haircut. Well, I tell you, don’t mind them. Not all have the guts to get those shears and mirrors and just cut their hair. If you are happy with the result of your labor, be proud of it. Your hair will grow back, and you can go ahead and cut it again to perfection.

The end result is that you need to manage your expectations when cutting your hair. One thing that will help you have a better and more precise cut is having the right tools. Consider choosing a mirror that gives a 360-degree view of your head and a distortion-free reflection. Choose Omiro’s 3-way Trifold Mirror

Have fun with the self-haircut challenge. Only Mirrors. Only Omiro.

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