Features To Look For In A Self-haircut Mirror

Features To Look For In A Self-haircut Mirror

“NO! Don’t do it. You are going to ruin your hair. You will just end up at the salon to get it fixed.” Maybe you have heard these statements from hairstylists, barbers, or even the voice inside your head. Yes, I won’t deny that cutting your hair for the first time might look like an enormous challenge that you need to overcome. Wait! Did I say, “might look like?” You got it right. Thinking about it is scary, but having the right tools make a big difference.

Self-haircut is now, I believe the trend. Even before the pandemic, people have been doing it. You can find a lot of online tutorials on how to do it yourself. So, first, you need to decide what kind of haircut you want. After that, gather your tools. To know the list of stuff you’ll be needing to do a DIY haircut, find out here. One important thing you should not overlook is choosing the right mirror to do this task. Having a good quality mirror matters.

Points to check when buying a self-haircut mirror:

  1. View Area

When cutting your hair, it is necessary to view your head at any angle. You can precisely cut if you have the means to see from the side and back. You will need to choose a 3-way mirror with a 360° view for this job. The 3-way mirror won't only allow you to cut your hair but also lets you dye your locks, apply makeup, or do your other grooming needs all by yourself. A mirror with a 360° view will boost that confidence in trying a DIY haircut .

  1. Ease of use

Being able to adjust and carry easily is another checkmark on that list. Pick a mirror that is foldable and portable even when traveling. When you cut your hair, you have the option to do it sitting down or standing. Having a mirror that you can put on a tabletop or hang on a door frame or somewhere else is suitable for this task. 

  1. Reflective quality

To achieve that perfect hairstyle from the crown to the back of your head, you will need a mirror that gives excellent reflection. Go for a 3-way mirror made of real glass with no magnification and provides high definition and distortion-free mirroring.

  1. Durable design

You should not only look for the functionality of the mirror but also at its design and durability. Either should not be compromised. Pick a mirror that will last long. There are 3-way mirrors out there with reinforced hinges and sturdy mount to avoid movement unless you intentionally transfer them.

  1. Good investment

Alongside the durable design, go for a mirror that will give you that feeling of putting your money on a good investment. A long-lasting self-haircut mirror will enable you to save up that money that is allotted for hair salons or barber shops.

There you have them. You are in luck because here at Omiro, we got the perfect mirror for you. With OMIRO’s 3-Way, 360° Trifold Self Haircut Mirror, you can now groom yourself. We also offer a vast collection of mirrors. For your other mirror needs, feel free to browse our catalog.

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