Frequently Asked Questions About Magnifying Mirrors

Frequently Asked Questions About Magnifying Mirrors

Magnifying mirrors can be essential for both men and women. In order to help you choose the perfect one, below we answer a few common questions that may be important to know.

Does it hurt to look into a magnifying mirror as compared to a regular mirror for a long period of time?

The answer is no. Magnifying mirrors are not harmful or painful to the eyes. It can actually do the complete opposite by enhancing your ability to see more clearly on an image, especially if you struggle with poor vision.

Does a 10x magnifying mirror mean the image will appear 10 times bigger when reflected on the mirror?

A 10x magnifying mirror means it is 10 times as large as it would be with the naked eye. Amplifying your face ten times allows you to see every pore and eyebrow hair, which is already a high intensity.

Why do I see upside-down images on my newly purchase 20x magnifying mirror?

This is due to the shape of the mirror since it is curved inwards. The light waves hit different parts and at different angles, meaning they bend differently. So by the time it comes back to you, they have all bent and reflected differently in such a way that they end up making the image you see look upside down.

What is the best magnification level when I purchase a mirror?

Commonly used are 3x magnification but for general use, it is recommended to purchase a 7x magnification. This is the most popular and it is also used in hotels. However, if you wear glasses or you want a more detailed view of certain areas of your face, then you may opt for 10x or 20x magnification.

Is there a need for magnifying mirrors to have two sides?

A magnifying mirror usually has two sides because they offer two different degrees of magnification. One side is a standard mirror while the other side offers a higher level of magnification. This way, you can change between the two mirrors with ease. Depending on what you will use the mirror for, this can offer you more versatility in viewing your face. If you intend on sharing the mirror with someone else, then consider which magnification levels work best for them.

Is there another term for a magnifying mirror?

When you are looking through catalogs or browsing the internet, you may often see these mirrors being labeled under different names such as tabletop mirrors or vanity mirrors.

What are the sizes of a magnifying mirror?

Magnifying mirrors come in different sizes depending on its application. Our mirrors vary in diameter from 2.8" diameter up to 6" diameter and comes in an oval or square shape. Remember the proportion of the face visible in a magnifying mirror decreases as the magnification increases, and as the mirror size decreases.

Before buying a magnifying mirror, keeping this information in mind can make a huge difference. If you are still on the look for quality magnifying mirrors, our collection at Omiro Mirrors may be exactly what you are looking for.

We offer the Omiro Travel Vanity Mirror which is a double-sided mirror that is lightweight and available in 10X or 20X magnification. They come in an elegant stainless steel and chrome finish that is not only durable, but easy to clean. We also have plastic and glass options. If you want something more unique, we have a polygon-shaped magnification mini folding mirror, which comes in a beautiful classic black, the first and only one in the market.

If you need a magnifying makeup mirror for your bathroom, we have an affordable and must-have design that allows you to see every detail of your face in high definition. It is equipped with three high absorbability suction cups and it can easily be mounted or handheld. They come in the color black, transparent silver, and classic white.

For more information, please visit our website at to see our items. Our team takes great pride in the collection we have created, and we are continually looking for ways to improve your experience with our future products. With our quality and budget-friendly mirrors, we hope you will find the right one for you and your needs. You may also stay updated by following us on our social media pages for the latest products and discounts!


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