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How-to Guide: Assembling The Omiro Double-Sided Makeup Mirror with Stand

The Omiro Double-sided Makeup Swivel Mirror with Stand is a versatile and practical addition to any vanity or dressing table. This mirror is built with the purpose of being your vanity companion and at the same time, your go-to travel accessory. So, Omiro made sure that the swivel mirror is easy to assemble, allowing you to enjoy its benefits in no time. Let's get started!

Materials Needed:

- Swivel double-sided mirror with stand (check the packaging for all included parts)

- User manual (included in the box)

Step 1: Unpack the Components

Carefully unpack the box containing the swivel double-sided mirror and remove all the components. Lay them out on a clean, flat surface, ensuring you have easy access to each part.

Omiro makeup mirror with stand parts

Step 2: Read the Assembly Instructions

Before proceeding with the assembly, read through the provided manual. Familiarize yourself with the different parts and how they fit together. This will help you follow the instructions accurately and ensure a smooth assembly process.

Step 3: Attach the Stand to the Base

Start by attaching the stand to the base. Align the hole on the bottom of the stand with the attached screw on the base. Once inserted, tighten them by turning the stand clockwise until it is firmly secured on the base.

Step 4: Connect the Mirror with the Swivel Mechanism

Next, get the mirror with the swivel mechanism. Carefully insert the fixed screw on the swivel mechanism into the hole on top of the telescoping rod. To do so, gently rotate the mirror clockwise until it is tightly fastened on the stand.

Omiro assembling mirror step 3

Step 5: Check the Stability and Adjustments

Once all parts are attached, test its stability by lightly turning the mirror side to side. Ensure that it swivels smoothly without any wobbling or resistance. If needed, make any necessary adjustments according to the instructions provided.

Step 6: Clean and Finalize

Before using the mirror, clean the glass surfaces using a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth. Guarantee there are no fingerprints, dust, or debris on the mirror. Once cleaned, give the entire assembly a final check to confirm all parts are securely fastened.

Assembling the Omiro swivel double-sided mirror with a stand is a straightforward process if you follow the provided instructions and take your time to make sure each step is completed correctly. Enjoy your new mirror and take advantage of its double-sided functionality and swivel feature for convenient and versatile use.

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