New OMIRO Travel Makeup Bag With LED Mirror: Launching Soon!

New OMIRO Travel Makeup Bag With LED Mirror: Launching Soon!

Too much mess on your vanity table? Have trouble with your cosmetics spilling all over your luggage when traveling? If you are one of those who needs to carry a lot of makeup materials such as brushes, cosmetic palettes, etc., then you might want to have the product we are going to launch soon.

Omiro is a brand that is always looking for ways how to serve its clients best and how to make life more convenient. To sort out the challenges mentioned above, Omiro is excited to announce that it will soon release the OMIRO Travel Makeup Bag with LED Mirror. This innovative bag will keep your beauty essentials safe and organized.

Key features:

* All-in-one portable makeup bag

* With two (2) size options

* With rechargeable LED Lights

* Customizable compartments

* Practical design

* Water resistant

Save Time, Save Space

You don’t have to carry a mirror, a bag for your makeup, or light for better and precise makeup application when traveling or doing your daily activities requiring makeup. Omiro’s new product will be your portable dressing table.

No more wasting time gathering your things when you need to go on a vacation or somewhere that needs your dressing table and beauty products. With Omiro’s all-in-one portable bag, all you have to do is zip it, and you are good to go. If you are worried that your stuff might not fit, you can opt to have our large-sized makeup bag.

Personal Makeup Bag Dimension (Regular):

9.12” x 4.25” x 10.12” (HxWxL)

Travel Makeup Bag Dimension (Large):

10.75” x 4.5” x 14.75” (HxWxL)

The bigger makeup bag has a strap and is a convenient carry-on bag. It has a trolley sleeve on the back that you can attach to your suitcase’s handle.

Makeup Bag (Regular)

Makeup Bag (Large)

Five movable dividers

Nine movable dividers

No strap

With strap

No trolley sleeve

With trolley sleeve


The bag has an HD mirror installed with rechargeable LED lights around it. The mirror is big and distortion-free. Three (3) light settings are available for better makeup application: white, warm, and soft light. The switch is a touch button; gently touching it, you can easily adjust the lighting mode.

If you have delicate cosmetics, you can keep them secured and intact. Padded walls and dividers surround the Omiro makeup bag to protect your things. The sponge dividers are detachable and can be adjusted depending on your preference, allowing you to store more. There is also a removable brush storage board with a dust cover.

The design of this bag is efficient and professional-looking. You can smoothly pull the bag’s two-way zipper, giving you a fantastic experience when using the bag. The outer cover of the makeup carrier is made of high-quality leather and is waterproof. You don’t have to worry about any liquid damaging the inside of your makeup bag.

Whether you like to save space on your vanity table or have a ready-to-go makeup bag for travel, the OMIRO makeup bag for personal and travel use is perfect. It is lightweight and portable. It has customizable compartments that can fit your beauty collections. No more messy and dirty makeup brushes with the bag’s dust-free cosmetic brush storage board.

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