What Kind Of Lighted Mirror Should You Have?

What Kind Of Lighted Mirror Should You Have?

A lighted mirror is a must-have nowadays. It will be convenient if you try to pull off a natural daytime makeup look, put on false lashes, or remove stubborn facial hair.

Professional makeup artists or makeup enthusiasts will agree that good lighting is crucial to achieving that beautiful and evenly blended tone. Light makes it easier to do your grooming needs, such as shaving, applying makeup, etc. Yes, you have regular lighting fixtures, but they create strong shadows on your face. Using a mirror with built-in LED bulbs provides enough brightness but with a subtle glow that will highlight your face.

However, it is hard to choose one with so many available options on the market. This article is to help you have some ideas of what to consider to have the best-illuminated mirror – inside your house or your purse.

What are you looking for?

Shape and Size

Mirrors come in various sizes and forms, including oblong, round, rectangular, and trifold, and can be compact, handheld, or wall-mounted. It is your choice which mirrors to buy. Nevertheless, it would be best to consider the area you have and how much space you want the mirror to occupy – from a small part on your desk to the entire length of your vanity table.


Before, makeup mirror producers used incandescent light. The majority of lighted mirrors today, however, use LED bulbs. They are highly energy-efficient and versatile. LED bulbs produce different light temperatures that serve varied purposes. Warm light is best used when applying makeup for a dinner date or party; a daylight mode is best when putting on makeup for outdoor events, and cool light is best when spending the day inside a classroom or office. You have the option to adjust the light temperature on some lighted makeup mirrors to match different looks and settings.

Energy Source

Illuminated mirrors can be plug-in, battery-operated, or rechargeable. These things can affect the portability of the mirror. If you plan to take the mirror with you outside – like on a trip or for your daily activities – then a battery-operated or rechargeable mirror is suitable for you. However, if you mean to leave the mirror in your house, then a lighted mirror that needs to be connected to an outlet is your best choice.


Another factor to look for when choosing a lighted makeup mirror is the level of magnification. Most mirror manufacturers make a two-sided mirror: one with no magnification and another side with 2X or higher level. Lower magnification, like 2X-5X, is excellent for a more precise and detailed view of your face. If you plan to use the mirror for accurate work, such as tweezing or putting on eyeliner, a mirror with a magnification of 10X or more works great.


Other Features

With technology advancing as time flies, makers of makeup mirrors are making innovative designs. Some mirrors have built-in speakers, phone chargers, and phone stands. Other mirrors have various light modes: the light becomes dimmer or brighter when you touch a button. Some mirrors can even analyze your skin tone and change the light temperature accordingly. Don't be misguided, though, with these additional features. Since they use electricity or battery, they may break or fail to function, so you should consider the warranty.

With these things in mind, plan before adding that mirror to your cart. Which one do you need, a big square mirror or a compact rounded one? It is best to consider a rechargeable or battery-operated LED mirror if you travel a lot. You can check out OMIRO's portable LED mirrors:

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